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Start With the Activities Below

Double Vision Video (Video de doble visión)

Double Vision Video
Students may be consuming a lot of information through videos at this time. Double Vision Video helps ensure that any educational video they are watching can be understood, and maximized for its content and language learning.

Building with Bricks and Mortar (Edificar con ladrillos y cemento)

Building with Bricks and Mortar
Providing an opportunity for students to engage in an activity focused on vocabulary words helps build language development. Building with Bricks and Mortar challenges students to create meaningful sentences using key words as bricks and connecting words as the mortar.

Snippet (Fragmento)

Students will read a short text excerpt related to a topic and make predictions.

Powerful Podcasts (Potentes Podcasts)

Students will listen to a podcast and respond to questions that demonstrate their comprehension.

Writing Windows (Ventanas de Escritura)

Students view an image related to the content topic, brainstorm related words and phrases and write a descriptive paragraph about the image.

Triangle, Circle, Square (Triángulo, círculo, cuadrado)

Students reflecting on their learning can serve as a form of assessment. After completing an assignment, students write or share three important points learned, one detail that was confusing, and one especially interesting detail that they agree with.

News Around the World (Noticias alrededor del mundo)

Student sitting at desk writing, computer and globe are nearby
Students compare and analyze two news articles on the same topic from different sources. Students determine the perspective of each article and share evidence to support their analysis.

Find the Fib (Encuentre la mentira)

Find the Fib
Students engage with the details of a text or informational video by writing or analyzing two true statements and one false statement based on details from the text or video. Students determine what is true and what is not, sharing evidence to support their answers.

I Am Monologues (Monólogos Yo soy)

I Am Monologues
During this unpredictable time, it’s important that we ask students about their lives, and listen. Students are likely feeling a variety of emotions right now. This activity provides a chance for them to share and continue building on their language skills.