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Instructional Activities

Your ELs need you to engage with them now more than ever.  Here are the activities to make learning happen for any grade or subject.


Differentiate for ELs and engage all your students with these instructional activities, adapted specifically for distance learning.

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Math Activities

Make grade-level math content accessible for your ELs , and mitigate learning loss.


Assign Ellevation Math Primers and continue students’ learning of key math concepts and vocabulary in a distance learning environment.

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Find inspiration to support ELs in these challenging times.


Highest Aspirations

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Highest Aspirations

The Highest Aspirations podcast = important conversations about English Learners.

Recently, we spoke with Dr. Gretchen Oliver and Dr. Karen Gregory, professors of TESOL of Clarkson University. We discussed:

How can we help ELs keep learning during long term school closures?

What tech tools can teachers use to help support English learners while they are not able to come to school?

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Looking for the Helpers

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Look for the Helpers

Our new video series shares stories from around the world about how educators are supporting English Learners and their families through long-term school closures as a result of COVID-19.


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What are you or your colleagues doing to help support students and their families during this crisis? Share with us. We’d love to hear from you, just fill out this quick 2 minute form.