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Learning Targets

Students will:

  • Read a short text excerpt related to a specific topic or upcoming lesson

  • Make a prediction about the topic



  • Encourage students to read a snippet of the daily news or a story they’re enjoying to a member of their household and ask them to predict what it’s about. 

  • Have students take the activity one step further and ask them to draw an image or emoji of how reading the snippet made them feel, or write 1-2 words that describe their emotions.

How To

Before Activity:

  • Select a short piece of text that will spark curiosity and a sense of anticipation, considering each student’s language levels.

  • Provide students with the snippet, graphic organizer, and directions prior to meeting. Review the expectations of the activity via an email, text message, or phone call.


During Activity:

Synchronous setting: 

  • Establish a time and place to meet as a group.

  • Display the snippet online and provide students with time to jot notes in the graphic organizer about their predictions of the upcoming lesson.

  • Students share predictions with the group, referring to the text to support their thoughts. 

  • Present the text in its entirety and have students review and evaluate predictions made from the snippet.

Asynchronous Setting:

  • Decide how students will share their completed organizer: email, online classroom, or with a member of their household. 

  • Suggest that students highlight any cognates to facilitate comprehension, and review definitions of critical vocabulary.

  • Students can share their predictions with the teacher via email, text, a phone call, or a photo of the document. They may also share their responses with a friend or a member in their household.

Quick Tips

  • You might record yourself modeling your thought process using an example snippet as you make a prediction.

Evidence of Success

  • Students refer back to the snippet to support their predictions.

Watch Out!

  • Be sure the snippet of text is comprehensible when read independently or provide differentiated text to students according to their language proficiency.

Support Suggestions


  • Create or find an audio recording of the snippet for  students to listen to as they read.

  • Prepare sentence frames students can use to make their prediction either orally or in written form.


  • Prepare sentence frames that will assist students in joining two sentences to explain their prediction even more clearly.


  • Challenge students to write a paragraph explaining their prediction.